Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday Things

Hi dear internet friends! Are you having a good week? I sure am! I love short work weeks, they make my heart oh so happy. I have wonderful things happening this weekend and I am just super excited to do all these wonderful things. Here's a few "things" to get you through the end of the week and into the weekend!
  • someone (I'm not remembering who right now) shared this article with me on Why You're Not Married. I liked it. A lot. Also, I agreed with a lot of what the author had to say. Go read it. :o)
  • I have a date with Tron on Saturday. I'm not sure of our plans yet, I expect to hear from him either today or tomorrow. :o)
  • Don't laugh, but I'm playing a D&D-esque game with my roommate, her ex-boyfriend, The Australian and another dude starting tomorrow night. I know nothing of what I'm getting myself into, but everyone tells me I will have fun. We'll see, I guess. My character is a cross between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Scarlett O'Hara. I'm sort of excited to see how it all works out.
  • I get to go shopping with Amber this weekend. I'm rather excited to hang out with her. :o) She's awesome.
  • It is supposed to snow this weekend. I'm not going to lie, I'm sort of excited about it. I haven't gotten to play in any snow this winter (timing of storms has not worked out w/me being in Utah) and last year I didn't play in the snow AT ALL because of my knee. I REALLY want to play in the snow SO BAD!
  • My mouth is still sore from the dentist earlier this week. Mostly it's just my jaw that is sore from having to keep my mouth open for so many hours. I hate the dentist.
  • Tomorrow is going to be full of awesome being my day off and all. I have several plans including going to the temple, eating lunch with a friend and maybe even getting a massage! :o) Yay for days off!
  • I've been planning my birthday party and it is going to be AWESOME. I'll be sure to post about it after the fact.
I think that's about it...hopefully things go as well as I hope they will. Have a great day y'all!!



Matt and Amber said...

Aww - I can't wait to go shopping Saturday! Seriously, it gives me something to look forward to. Though shame on you for welcoming more snow :p See you soon!