Wednesday, April 09, 2008


sorry, it's a busy week for me and I apologize for the lack of real posts, but i've had a lack of exciting adventures. However, I will try and be more exciting this weekend, but no promises.
I stole this from brad.

twenty years ago I...
1) was just a toddler
2) was super cute
3) liked corn dogs

ten years ago I...
1) was an annoying little beehive
2) was learning to play the flute
3) had just begun pointe work in ballet.

five years ago I...
1) was anxious to be a Senior in HS
2) got to be a soloist on Ballet Utah
3) was barely 5 feet tall

three years ago I...
1) married off 3 roommates in one semester
2) thought I was in love (I wasn’t)
3) learned to drive stick

one year ago I...
1) had a breaking heart (this time for real)
2) was packing to move somewhere new for the first time in 3 years
3) wasn’t sure about a lot of things

so far this year I have...
1) had many learning and growing experiences
2) met new people in new ways.
3) received awards and scholarships from the dance department

yesterday I...
1) found out fun things for the coming year
2) had an amazing dinner
3) got everything done before 10 pm!!

today I...
1) have worked
2) talked to fun and awesome friends.
3) looked really cute

tomorrow I will...
1) watch my roommate play racquet ball!
2) wish it was Friday
3) go to ballet class (tomorrow is boring)

in the next year I may...
1) get an ORCA grant
2) finish my BA
3) have the BEST year ever!
*) consider it a successful year if I can accomplish two out of three