Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fool's Day

Once upon a time I was a good little 8th grader in Junior High. I was a straight-A student with my eyes set upon BYU once I graduated. The day was April 1, 2000. (that was so long ago) I was sitting in my English? class (or something like that) when I gut summoned by the Student Council. I was slightly confused as to why they would want to meet with me, but like a good little girl (and wanting to get out of class) I walked through the halls to the room where they were meeting.

Unsuspectingly I walked in and Mr. President asked me to be seated. He then told me why I had been summoned. He said that I had been caught cheating on a Math test and that I was on "trial" for what would be done because of my cheating. He said that Susie (names have been changed) would represent me and my "case." Mr. President began to question me and why I would have cheated. At first I was in shock, me? Alishka? cheat on a test? Why I would never! I tried to explain this to Mr. President, but he insisted that I had, in fact, cheated on the test. I began to cry. (I seem to remember a look in Mr. President's eyes....but I didn't realize what it meant until later) Mr. President asked me and Susie to step in the hall while he and the other person that was there decided what would happen to me. I was in tears, "I have never cheated!" I explained to Susie...she was empathetic and explained that nothing too horrible could happen. Mr. President called us back in....I was asked to be seated...and he told me that they had decided what to do, that I should never cheat again, and here was a piece of paper with my "sentence" on it. I looked at the paper and what did it say? "April Fool's" I was dumb-founded. I laughed. I wiped my tears, and the Student Council got a good laugh.

I definitely laugh about this one more now then I did when I was 14....but it was pretty humorous. Although I wonder if Mr. President feels bad that he made me cry???

So dear readers....has anyone ever pulled your leg good and hard?