Saturday, April 26, 2008

Nothing to do...

So I am sitting at my house in Payson with my family. There's not much to do in this cute little town when you're without a car. Stuffles was a sweetheart and came down to Payson so we could go to SF for lunch and a movie. We went and saw Nim's Island. This was such a fun movie! It had humor, adventure, suspense...and about 2 minutes of a love story. It was definitely worth the time and money spent into attending this well-made film. I really liked the photography and the animation used in it. It was a lot of fun to see the two mixed medias in a different way. It's a good movie for a date, for a family, or if you're silly and want to go to a movie by yourself, it's good for that too. :)

It's been a beautiful Saturday here in Utah. Slightly chilly outside, but sunny and beautiful. I wish I had gone for a run, but there is still hours in the day to do so. Maybe I'll fix my bike and then ride it around for a bit. It's so beautiful!! :-) Dinner will be on soon. BBQ ribs and Oriental Chicken Salad. Yum!! In fact, it is just about time to finish the salad and such. Have a great weekend y'all!