Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dear ST, aka JERKFACE:

I was sitting in the Cougareat today working on my Physical Science class, chatting with a roommate, and listening to some classical music when I saw you walk by. I said your name, but you didn't hear me. Moments later I caught your glance and then I looked away. You were busy conversing with friends, but I thought for sure you would stop by my table (which was only 3 tables from yours) and say hello. I mean honestly, we may not be dating, but you did hold my hand and we are friends so I figured you would at least acknowledge my presence and say hello.
BUT NO. YOU WALKED ON BY and talked to another friend whose table was two behind me. "That's fine," i thought to myself, "he'll come say hello before he leaves." Again, I was wrong. YOU JERK FACE! I can't believe you wouldn't say hello!!!! I mean really? Did I do anything bad to you? I mean, I might have come off as a little forward and perhaps clingy...(which I'm working on btw) but did you really have to IGNORE me??

Seriously? You wouldn't even acknowledge my presence? That's low ST, very low. In fact, so low that I have lost a lot of respect for you. I no longer hold even the sliver of interest in you. You were on the back burner this past week for not calling me/asking me out after showing interest so quickly...but now....now you are gone. We are done. No more ST, no more. I will forever be busy when you call. I will take hours to answer your text. Eventually I will tell you that I think you're stupid...but for now....I am not going to give in. We, my friend, are DONE. No more. No more.

-a very mad Alishka


artista said...

ouch, maybe he didn't notice you with your haircut? It could happen.

Ben said...

No, Artie. Jerkface is the only answer.