Saturday, April 19, 2008

Another one bites the dust.....

One final down! One to go! Unfortunately for me, the one that I have left is my class that I hate this semester. Physical Science. I will be studying a good portion of the afternoon today, and Monday. on Tuesday I have a presentation that is no big deal, just time consuming, and then that afternoon I plan on taking my Physical Science Final. I hope and pray that I can do semi-well on this final. Ick. I did get sunburned yesterday while studying for this morning's final. While having the backs of my legs sunburned is not fun at all, I do enjoy the act that it was warm enough to get sunburned. Too bad it's supposed to rain or snow or something tomorrow. Stupid weather.

Not much else is new on my front. I wish it was; however, I do believe that new and exciting things are definitely on the horizon. Just give me a week or so. Until then, enjoy the sunshine!!!