Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Crazy Coeds

So sometimes coeds here at BYU do crazy things. And then they get caught, or get close to getting caught and the end up in the Police Beat. Here are some of the hilarious ones from this week, with comments by yours truly.

Disorderly Conduct

April 11: BYU police received a call that four male students were using the Helaman Halls pool even though it was not open yet. When the police officer arrived he was able to locate the students because they were the only students walking home wet. Okay, honestly? Can you be stupid enough to be close to the scene of the crime, showing off evidence?? I think this is hilarious.

April 15: A resident of May Hall was caught lighting toilet paper on fire in the men's restroom. Police are questioning him. Why would you light your TP on fire? Seriously, that stuff is gold.


April 9: A female student called her own cell phone after she discovered that it was missing. A person she did not know picked up the phone and refused to return it to her. The thief is now sending her friends text messages and sending them on erroneous "missions" to recover the phone. Her phone has not yet been recovered. This is just mean and cruel. Why would be so mean to hold on to a cell phone that isn't yours, sending people on "missions" to retrieve it, and then not give it back? Some people can be such jerks.

April 11: Someone stole 1,000 square feet of sod from west of Helaman Halls. Police have no suspects. This one really gets me. What would one want with sod? Really? You're going to steal grass? And do what with it? Plant it in your bathroom??? I mean, I like running through grass barefoot as much as the next person, but not enough to steal sod!!


April 13: Police questioned several students as to why they were looking in the windows of the Cannon Center. The students said that they thought they saw someone in the Cannon Center stealing school property, but when they got closer, they realized it was the reflection of the streetlights. ha ha ha. I bet they felt stupid. sounds like something i would do....

Welfare Check

April 8: The father of a student called BYU police when he had not heard from his daughter for four days. BYU police called the student and told her to call her father. okay really? you called the police because you couldn't get a hold of your daughter? Does she not have a phone? Why not call her on that? She probably has good reason not to call you. I can't imagine what would happen if this girl went on a mission and you had basically no phone contact for 18 MONTHS. wow.


jacob said...

Yeah, but about the father not hearing from his daughter. Sometimes the police beats are poorly written so that they don't really describe what was going on.

Suppose you were the father, and you were calling your daughters phone a couple of times a day for a couple of days, and she never answered, or it went straight to voicemail. If you tried calling many times over a few days and couldn't get a hold of your daughter, wouldn't you be a little alarmed too?

The beat only said he hadn't heard from his daughter, it didn't describe any of his efforts to contact her.

If on the other hand, he was just waiting around for his daughter to call or check in with him, then the guy is a looser and should let his girl grow up.

alishka babushka said...

This is true. So many variable associated with this. However, the article makes it sound like the father was just waiting for a check-in phone call. Anywho, good points Jacob, good points.

Katria said...

I can actually see my parents calling the cops if I hadn't called them for a few days...

t2ed said...

I need some cheap sod if you get a line on those sod-busters. I'm a little afraid of sod black marketeers though. They're probably a rakish bunch.