Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Signs that Spring is here in Cougar Town

  1. The lilacs are blooming and smell amazing.
  2. The sound of lawn mowers can be heard across campus
  3. along with #2, you can smell fresh cut grass. love it!
  4. I can run through the grass barefoot
  5. my nose is stuffy
  6. my eyes are itchy
  7. i get sunburned sitting outside
  8. people in my complex hang out on the porch/walk-way things. So Fun!
  9. tulips are blooming. they are beautiful!
  10. spring term has started. yay for classes. :P
  11. I can wear flip flops and capris and be a very happy little girl.
  12. jacket in the morning, no jacket in the afternoon. greatest thing ever.
  13. I can ride my bike without freezing anything off.
  14. blossoms on the trees!
  15. green everything!

and that my friends, are just some of the signs that spring has arrived. finally. it took long enough! :P I'm happy right now though and that's all that matters right? right. love you all!