Tuesday, April 08, 2008

This is what I do to relax....

I stole this from Katria, because she is awesome. and fun. that is all.

What I am doing: watching t.v., blogging, and getting ready for bed. I'm a multi-tasker.

What I’m proud of today: I did everything I needed to and got home at a decent hour!!

What I’m thinking about: How much easier tomorrow is going to be

Who is home: Me and Roomie W

Plans tonight: bed.

My weekend was: Full of General Conference Wonderfulness

What’s for dinner: Beef, Mashed Potatoes, and Zucchini/Squash

Feelings about love: It's wonderful...but I'm not in it right now.

Feelings about life: "I'm Walkin' on Sunshine, wo-oah!"

What I need: someone to hold me

What I want: everything to fall into place

What I have: a testimony of the gospel, amazing friends, and a scholarship for Fall/Winter

My pet peeve: teachers changing their syllabus without telling me.

My guilty pleasure: Gilmore Girls

What you don’t know about me: Is for me to know and for you to not know.

What I can hear: The Nasonex bumblebee (aka the hottest man alive)

What I can smell: Totstios chips. yum.

My style: Chic, Sassy, Flirty.

My hairdo: just above my shoulders. Kind of a bob cut and I love it!!

My outfit: Downeast T, and BSC sweats.

My mood: Tired

The weather today: Cold. Wet-ish.

Thoughts on parenting: I can't wait!

Thoughts on marriage: Part of me wishes I was married, but I know the right person for me
hasn't come around yet. I am very excited to be married though, it will be good times!

Thoughts on politics: um....I don't want to think about it.

Thoughts on celebrity gossip: stupid.

Thoughts on beauty: You're Beautiful

Thoughts on sleep: I need sleep. I should be in bed.

Thoughts on writing: Writing and I are pretty good friends.

My favorite appliance: George Foreman Grill.

My favorite car: The one that I want to buy.

My favorite splurge: Shopping and Ice Cream.

My favorite beauty secret: Anti-Frizz cream by Tressame

My favorite treat: Ice Cream and chocolate

My favorite everyday pleasure: Food in general.

Ten years ago: I was 12 and very, very short and skinny.

Five years ago: High School Junior. Running for VP over Public Relations. I lost. This ended up
being a good thing.

One year ago: My heart was being broken and I was trying to figure out what the rest of my life
was going to be like.

One year from now: I will be graduating. eek!

Five years from now: Who knows. Married? Perhaps.

Ten years from now: Most likely in a completely different phase of life compared to now.

I’m famous for: tripping up and down stairs.

I’ll never be famous for: singing.

Who I am: I am rosemary's granddaughter... okay, not quite, but close!!

Who I hope to be: A mom

What I’m thankful for: Every person that has touched my life for good.

Your Turn!!!