Monday, August 01, 2011


The show opens in THREE DAYS people. This is insane. I can't believe that it's coming up so soon!

We had our first dress rehearsal on Saturday and it was a pretty good run through - it felt SO GOOD to have REAL sound through our speakers and to have microphones on the leads and such. SO GOOD. I hope things only get better from here. We have dress rehearsals every night leading up to the opening night on Thursday.

In other news, Grizzly Bear texted me for the first time in like, 2  weeks. It totally caught me off guard. It wasn't a huge issue - because I couldn't do anything with the musical and stuff. I don't want to date him, but I want to stay friends. At some point I'll probably have to talk with him, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. Right now, my focus is on my church calling and the musical. Also, ballet classes start up again in 2 weeks (yup, same week as the last week of AIDA. great timing, right?) and I'm excited to start a new year with a new ballet company.

I might be MIA a tad the next few weeks. Work is crazy, the musical will most definitely take over my life with how late rehearsals will go and what not and I just don't know how much I'll post. Don't miss me too much! :o)