Wednesday, August 31, 2011

oh the joys....

There are so many things I could complain about today, but I'm not going to. Instead, I'm going to not complain and instead think happy thoughts while I share with you my outfit for today's 21 Day Challenge. It's Day 17 and the challenge was to take something from your repair pile, fix it and then wear it.

Problem: I don't have a repair pile. I have had one in the past...but the last item in said pile was my favorite black pencil skirt. It didn't last more than 5 days in that repair pile. That was a month ago. (I think I'm just lucky right now nothing needs fixing or anything.) So what's a girl to do when she can't really heed to the challenge set before? She emails the founder of said challenge! Kayla was fabulous and offered an alternative challenge: Break a fashion rule. Oh man. I was all excited to do this...and then I started googling fashion rules. There are so many variations on fashion rules and what's okay and what isn't. However - I decided to break the one fashion rule that makes me shiver whenever I think about breaking it - wearing black and brown together. Now, I've read a lot of things in the past 24 hours and there are many fashionistas out there that say this is okay. They're both neutrals, wear them together, be brave. And...well...I can't help but think that said fashionistas are a little CRAZY. I even bug my mom for wearing black and brown together - and she does it subtly with just a brown belt and a black skirt or something. She's going to roll her eyes and then say I TOLD YOU SO when she sees today's without further ado: my fashion rule breaking outfit

{leopard print top: JC Penney's black shorts: Banana Republic}
So there you go - brown leopard print (I swear there is no black in that top...AT ALL) top with a black tank top and black shorts. I paired this with some brown accessories (watch, bracelets, flip flops) and off I went. I'm feeling....okay about it. Will I do this on a regular basis? Probably not. Am I worried what people think when I'm out and about today? A little bit. Will I still mock my mother for wearing brown and black together? Probably. ;) It's just the way I roll. Also - let's make note of this style of shirt - I have like 5 shirts in this style all in different colors, patterns, and slightly different necklines. I LOVE this style of shirt. I super cute in it and I KNOW it makes me look good. That's all. ;)

Have a great Wednesday y'all!!


Amy said...

It really is a rule that can be broken, but my rule of thumb when I wear the two together is to make sure the brown isn't a dark brown, usually I wear a carmel brown color with it and it always looks lovely!

Cute outfit.

Kayla said...

I agree with Amy...I feel like dark brown mixed with black kind of looks like I wasn't sure where I was going with my outfit BUT lighter brown with black looks classy and intentional.

Your shirt is perfect! Lighter tons and a fun print.

Freckles in April

becoming teacher misty said...

This is an outfit you should feel totally awesome in! It looks very classy and intentional! Well done!

Heather said...

too cute!

Artista said...

Hahahaha! TOLD YOU SO! Likey, yes?