Wednesday, August 17, 2011


In past years I haven't really been a fan of Wednesdays. They just aren't usually the best of days. Last Wednesday was a decent day - it was my first day off during the week that I'd had in a long time. Today's Wednesday has started off dealing with a ticked off customer and moved into lots of tasks to accomplish. I'm hoping the work day moves quickly so I can get into performance mode. Last night's show felt like a glorified dress rehearsal (aka a dress rehearsal with a sold out audience - well....almost sold out) but it went well for the most part and it's a different feeling inside the de Jong concert hall vs the outsideness of the SCERA Shell. I will say this - dancing on a real floor is nicer than concrete although it is different to turn on and I wasn't amazing last night. I will be better tonight!!!

In other news it is Day 3 of the 21 Day Challenge. Today's challenge? Mixing patterns. Oh man was I ever so nervous for this challenge! Like my dear friend Hilary, mixing patterns scares the bejeebers out of me. Something I realized last night as I was planning my outfit...I don't wear a ton of patterned clothes. At least, not patterns that can mix with each other - meaning they are completely different color schemes, etc. BUT! I did find an outfit that I actually like quite a bit and I'll probably wear it again in the future. So without further ado.....I present my Day 3 outfit

skirt: custom made by my mommy, top: Kohls/downeast tank
So this is a pale blue skirt with emobroidered flowers all over it - the thread goes from white light blue, to teal, to dk blue to black. The top is teal, blue, yellow, aqua and white. I love both these pieces but usually pair the skirt with a plain blue, teal, or black top and the top I usually pair with black slacks or pencil skirt. As nervous as I was for this outfit, I very much like it. I feel confident, sassy and cute. I would have paired it with my awesome teal heels, but my feet are tired from the show today so instead I went with my black gladiator sandals instead. :o)

Happy Wednesday all y'all! Have a great day!!


Eric & Hilary Rose said...

i am glad that somebody else struggled with me! your patterns turned out really cute. i wish i could come see aida, but we have to close seven brides this week too.