Thursday, August 11, 2011


oh my goodness gracious. It is an insane Thursday around these parts. I just might go crazy by the end of the day. Don't believe me? Ask the dishes! (name that movie! ;) )

Anyways, there are some random things I want to make sure to mention, so let's get this week's edition of Thursday Things going!!

  • first off, Kayla from Freckles in April is sponsoring this 21 Day Challenge.  BASICALLY what is going down is Kayla is going to post outfit prompts and inspiration to help us all look more put together and such. I LOVE this idea. I browse Pinterest all the time and find great outfit ideas, but then I can never figure out how to make my own closet work for me. I'm hoping this 21 day challenge will help me out. ALSO she's been working with some AMAZING companies and will have several prizes for participants. So, you should get on the band wagon yo, or not and let me have more of a chance of wining! ;)
  •  Next up is a reminder that the next three days are our last performances of AIDA at the SCERA Shell. :o) This show is incredible and you definitely need to come and see it. Just a reminder, we will be performing at BYU Education next week, so if for some reason you've already got weekend plans...just come next week! woot!
  • Let's see....what else? Oh yeah! I have plans this weekend! I am so excited about said plans. I have a temple trip tomorrow with people from my ward, a lunch date, and then some of my FAVORITE people are coming to the show tomorrow night and we're going out afterwards. I am really excited about that!
  • I didn't have a show last night, but that didn't mean I wasn't busy! I did, however, get to bed earlier than what has been "normal" and I loved getting an extra hour or so of sleep. 
  • Auditions for my ballet company are on Monday and I'm really excited to see the talent that will be coming into my company for this next year. :o) Huzzah!
  • What else is happening that I wanted to tell you about..................oh yeah! I've been thinking really hard about hair ideas for my next appointment. I've loved my hair for the past little while but I'm just....bored with it. So I think I'm going to go for something like these pictures:  
I like the color for the one on the left, and the cut for the one on the right. thoughts?
  •  Today it was a person's birthday at work and his family brought him an awesome birthday package that included pop rocks for him to share with the company. I haven't had pop rocks in AGES. They are SO FUN!!!
I think that's all for now....Have a great rest of your Thursday dear friends!