Thursday, August 04, 2011

Thursday Things!!

Hello dear internet friends! It's Thursday! In some ways I can hardly believe that we're nearing the weekend and in other ways it has been a VERY long week.

Needless to say there is a lot on my let's begin, shall we?

  • First off, opening night of AIDA is TONIGHT!!! I am so STOKED about this fact! No more dress rehearsals! No more extremely late nights at the theater! Granted - it will still be late nights, but I know I'll be getting home before 11:30pm on show nights. :o) YAY!
  • Second off, I forgot to mention this last week, but my dear friend Joshua Christensen is a contestant on Project Runway! The season premiere was last week and although he struggled, he made it through and I know he'll have a renewed determination to rock this week's challenge. I love Josh so much and I feel so cool to know someone on a reality tv show.  :o)
  • Entertaining things happened with dress rehearsals this week. First, my Egyptian costume got shortened (everyone's did) but mine ended up being a little....extra short. So they fixed that last night by adding in a few panels, but then one of the panels got put on backwards. HA HA HA. I'm just the problem Egyptian. ;)
  • Not so much entertaining - but still worthy of note, I got hit in the head with one of our set pieces last night. The 20-ft pvc pipe flag pole to be precise. Those things are heavy and when me and my cast mates were moving them one of them slipped a little and hit me on the top of my head. I started laughing at first and then I started to cry. It hurt so much! I have a nice little welt on the top of my head and great headache. :(
  • Some of you might be wondering if I have any dates coming up and the answer to that I might have a lunch date next week, but really with the musical, work, chiropractor appointments, my calling and needing lots of sleep, I don't really have much time for dates with boys. 
 That's about it - the main focus in my life right now is the musical. I am loving being able to be apart of it and look foward to performing for everyone who comes! Which if you DO come 1) let me know! I love knowing when people are coming to see me. Gives me that little extra boost of energy and 2) come see me after the show! The cast will be on the hill to the right of the stage (if you're looking at the stage -so stage left, house right for all you theater know-it-alls) after curtain call.

And that's all folks! I'm excited for the things a-happenin' these days. :o) Have a great Thursday!


Matt and Amber said...

Woot! I'm amazed how busy you stay - I couldn't do it. Not happily anyway :) We're coming closing night :)