Sunday, August 21, 2011

day 7

Today's Challenge: layer accessories.

Not going to lie, this was my least favorite challenge to date. I layer bracelets all the time...but any other accessory, it just doesn't happen. I wanted to push myself with this challenge, and so just layering bracelets felt like cheating to me (although i'm sure it isn't). Sooooo....I tried the layering necklace thing. I did it....but I'm not sure I loved it. That's okay though, because for me, this is all about pushing my boundaries on what I normally do. :o) the results:

{necklaces: one target, the other a gift skirt: my roommate's, top: DownEast, belt: JCPenny
bracelets: two gifts one american eagle}

So....there you go. This next week's list of challenges looks interesting, I hope I'm up for the challenge! :o)