Thursday, September 01, 2011

Thursday Things!

  • Friends - the workplace is CRAZY today. Seriously. The first of the month is always insane, but is majorly insane. Just sayin' - not complaining. ;)
  • It's Thursday. I love me some Thursday. I'm rather excited about Blue Tango tonight. It should be good times y'all. :o)
  • I need to do laundry. I should work on that.
  • Roommate A is moving out - anyone need somewhere to live in UT county and want to live with me?
  • I'm an awesome roommate, I promise.
  • Going to a movie night tomorrow night. Will cute boys be there? Possibly. Am I excited? hecks to the yes yo.
  • I have awesome friends. The end.
  • I'm teaching Relief Society on Sunday. I'm a tad nervous about this.
  • Went to the gym last night - ran and walked 2+ miles. It was awesome here's the results (including my warm up/cool down)
  • I'm loving my pink running shoes. They make me feel awesome.
  • Played volleyball last night. In my pink running shoes. See above statement. yup, it was the best game ever.
  • Today is Day 18 of the 21 Day Challenge. It is so quickly coming to a close! I can't believe it! Today's challenge? Statement Jewelry! I was uber excited about this challenge. I had bought some earrings w/Sister B last week - hoping that I could pull them off, and then I found out that today's challenge was statement jewelery...yeah they totally fit that category so, without  further ado, my outfit:
{yes, i'm wearing giant feathers. LOVE them - JC Penney's}
{I also wore this necklace again. JC Penney's}
{the whole kit and kaboodle! pants: Target, shirt: JC Penney's/DownEast}
  •  It is September First y'all! I LOVE the month of September. My littlest sister is turning 16 - and that's just insane!! Also, my half birthday is this month. woo hoo!
  • I am ready for the change in season - I just hope that fall lasts a LONG time and that winter doesn't just go forever and forever like it seemed to do last year.
I think that's everything. Life is good. I am very very busy these days, but that's okay. I like busy. :o) Have a great Thursday y'all!!