Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Madness

whew. What a crazy weekend! Work has been UBER busy this morning and I have gotten a lot done. It feels good to be productive. :o) I know you're all SO anxious to hear about my weekend so....let's do a bullet point recap here quickly, shall we?

this weekend:
  • I rode in a car for lots of hours. It was very entertaining. We had several iPads in the car and at one point we played the Game of Life. It was festive.
  • I stayed in a mansion. seriously. It was awesome. Sauna, hot tub, swimming pool...etc. LOVED it.
  • I had the best Mexican food on Friday night. It was delish.
  • The Little Mermaid was utterly fantastic. They did so many cool and ingenius things. I just sat there the entire time in awe.
  • We went to Kneaders for breakfast and I got their french toast. Oh my gosh. That was the most divine breakfast in the entire world. I want more.
  • I flirted. (duh. I always flirt. ;) )
  • Watched a movie with Fryman. It had been a while since he and I had hung out. It was fun times.
  • The movie? not my favorite. but oh well.
  • My favorite part of the game? When we decided that getting married to senior to cash in on their social security would be a good idea.
  • At one point I was laughing so hard that I rolled over (I was sitting on the floor) and I rolled over the box - it scraped me and this morning I have an awesome bruise. ha.
  • seriously. SO much laughing last night. It was a total blast.
So there you go, that was basically my weekend. :o) I'm excited for FHE tonight because we're going up the canyon and making s'mores. Don't tell my trainer. ;)