Wednesday, September 14, 2011

i know, i know

two posts in one. whatever are you going to do with me? BUT I just needed to blog right now, so here I am, blogging.

by the way, if you follow me in a reader - I changed things up around here and made it feel like Fall. I love Fall. I am very much excited to do Fall-type things in the coming weeks.

Also, I've mentioned before about how I get a kick out of reading my horoscope, and today's is no different. see:
Your dreams work out quite nicely in your head, Alishka, but the problem now is turning them into some sort of real life scenario. Be careful of taking too much of an intellectual approach. When it comes to relationships, things don't normally happen logically or rationally. You are going to have to leave a great deal up to chance, so just learn to deal with things as they come.
Have I ever mentioned how much I hate chance? Let's get real here for just a moment. There's a boy. (It's always about a boy, isn't it? Deal with it.) His name? Surfer Boy. Surfer Boy and I have enjoyed several times together where much flirting has ensued (sometimes just the two of us, sometimes in groups) and I feel like there's a strong possibility that he's interested.  My dear friend Bagginswulf (I may or may not have mentioned him before. oh well...we met a long time ago and have a great friendship. He's my go to for advice on boys and I like to think I'm his go to for advice on girls. that may or may not be true. ;) ) and I were talking about this today. He said he thinks there are a few things that Surfer Boy could be thinking:
  • Perhaps he's interested, but he thinks you're busy. 
  • Perhaps he's interested, but he thinks you're not. (Unlikely.) 
  • Perhaps he's not interested. 
  • Perhaps he's somewhat interested, but he's not sure how interested yet. 
  • Perhaps he's not interested, but he could be interested, given more time with you.
So how does one decide what to do when there are so many perhapses in the equation?! It's like there are 5 variables and I only know what 2 of the variables equal! I know from my great expansive knowledge in the world of alegbra that if you have more than one variable and you don't have values for all the variables, it's mostly impossible to solve for all the variables - at least not with a real numbers! (i'm not sure that makes sense. I don't care. Mvoing on.)

Bagginswulf told me I just have to weigh "1.) How much you want to be asked out vs. 2.) How much you want to spend time with him."


My biggest problem is always figuring out what I WANT. Well....I know what I want....but trying to figure out what is more important to me when I can't have exactly what I want is HARD.

Sometimes I wish there was either a) a magic wand that I could just wave and get what  I want or b) someone to tell me what I should do in this exact situation. Instead I'll just ask for the blogging world's opinion. I may or may not do what you suggest.

Ready. Set. Go!! ;)


tianamarie said...

ha! me again... I am making some serious headway today! (aka... work is incredibly slow) I just want to say that THANK YOU for putting that variables thing into words... because that is exactly how I feel about every. single. guy. SO confusing. Why can't we live in a world where we all just communicate what we feel and nobody's feelings get hurt!?