Friday, September 16, 2011

WooHoo! It's FRIDAY!!!!

Guys. This week has been insanely long and uber busy. I am so glad it is almost the weekend! I need this weekend. I realized last night while I was dancing the night away at Blue Tango that I never did one of my favorite posts of the week: Thursday Things!! I love doing it and I am so sad I missed it. So today....we'll do FRIDAY THINGS!!! :o)

  • Dancing last night was EPIC!!!! The music was fantastic, I had some amazing dances, and overall it was the best time all week. :o) The end.
  • I have a story about Surfer Boy...see below.
  • Sometimes I feel like my life is just the same thing over and over again and then all of a sudden something happens and I'm reminded that each day is a gift.
  • Work was absolutely insane yesterday. sigh. I'm glad that I only have 7 more hours to go until the weekend!
  • We were supposed to be having company pictures tomorrow for my ballet company, but then....they got canceled due to the weather. (they were supposed to be outside) 
  • The bad news with this is that I still can't sleep in because of picking up my bountiful basket. Had I known, I would have done a later pick up time. oh well. c'est la vie.
  • The good news is that I can now help my ward clean the church building that morning AND then have ALL day to do errands and chores. 
  • My poor house needs a good cleaning. AND fall decorations.
  • FALL DECORATIONS! OH MY GOSH! I just realized I can put those up now! WOO HOO!!!!
  • I just love fall. I am actually kind of excited that it is cooler in the mornings these days.
  • BYU plays the Utes tomorrow. I'm sort of excited for this game. It should be fun, fun times.
  • My challenge this week has been going REALLY well. In fact, I think I'm going to try it for another week. I feel so much better about myself and my productivity this week.
Okay, now on to the part that you're all really here for: the story about Surfer Boy.

So, after my little freak out Wednesday afternoon and trying to decide what I should do...I went to the gym. (PS NOBODY [besides my friend quoted in said post] gave me any advice. What is up with that yo?!) So, I'm at the gym and Wednesday was a weight day - so I’m doing a circuit with dumbbells and such and I glance over to the other area - where all the machines are - and I see Surfer Boy. I kind gasped inside, but kept going. I finished my circuit and had one thing left - the rowing machine. I had just noticed Surfer Boy go into the men's changing room and so I thought to myself, "self, if you get on the rowing machine you'll probably miss him leaving and then you won't get to say hi and you'll really feel like a stalker." so instead I took a 2-minute break to stretch my arms and such and stood by a half wall that I was using to stretch. (And it was conveniently right by the way to get out of the gym)
Anyways. I’m watching out of the corner of my eye and he starts to walk by...but doesn't notice me....but I decide to "see him" and glance up, say his name, and start to take out my headphones and we chit chat for a moment. so, we’re talking and he mentions that "we're thinking of doing a movie night on Friday" (we being him and another guy in my ward that hosted the last movie night) he continued "I’ve been talking about it with so-and-so and we're just deciding on the where and such right now" I was jumping up in down on the inside! I was so excited!! Anyways...I told him that sounded good and that I’d be in. :o) then he left, I did the rowing machine and went home a happy, happy girl.

So there you go. I haven't heard an exact plan for movie night yet...but I have hopes. I just have to restrain myself from texting him to ask about it....unless I haven't heard anything at like 7p tonight. :o) Here's hoping it's going somewhere....eventually. he he he he.


Emily said...

Two things. First, I love bountiful baskets. It's a great way for me to fit fruits and veggies in my diet. At first I was getting so much some was going to waste, but I've figured out now which stuff to preseve (freeze, can, etc.) right away, and what to eat fresh. So, good call.

Second thing, about le boy. I am a firm believer in the "if he really likes you, he'll make an effort to be with you." Honestly. You can not keep a guy away from a girl that he truly likes. Not that you should play hard to get. Be available to do things, but understand that if things just aren't jiving, it's not your fault. I think you already know all of this though, so me giving you advice will do zero good. Honestly. As stupid and cryptic as dating and boys are, I really love that you go on with your life so well. Some lucky dude is really going to appreciate that. Trust me.