Sunday, September 04, 2011

Day 21 - FINAL DAY

I am going to miss posting pics of my outfits all the time! I have loved this challenge!! It has been so fun to step out of my comfort zone. :o) Today's challenge was to take everything we learned and put together an amazing outfit.

Today was my day to teach Relief Society so I wanted something comfortable, cute, and that an outfit that I felt confident in. I even woke up early enough to do REAL makeup. In other words, I actually wore base and stuff today. Go me. I got several compliments today on how pretty I looked and I felt good, so that's all that mattered.

So without further ado: my outfit

{skirt: JC Penney's as a gift, white DownEast, sweater: JC Penneys, belt: Target, Flower: made by me}

So, I went with a black pencil skirt (that i LOVE) and a gray sweater with a white undershirt for a mostly monochrome kind of look. I paired this with my sexy 5" (yeah...I was tall at church today. It's fun.) and felt awesome! I belted, tucked, monochromed, and accessorized. ha! It's amazing how much I've learned so much about putting together outfits and I'm excited to practice the things I've learned on a regular basis.

I have a VERY girly story for you about Surfer Boy that just might get expanded after the zoo trip that is happening with a group of peeps from my ward. :o) So look for that at the beginning of next week sometime. :o) HAPPY LABOR DAY!!


Kayla said...

LOVE it. My favorite of yours for sure! Aren't those drapey cardigans the best?

Bonus point for sure.

Freckles in April

Nemesis said...

That is one kickin' outfit. I love it!