Friday, September 02, 2011

Oh thank goodness...

I am so extraordinarily happy that it is Friday. Life has been crazy, but I've been able to live and let live and not complain too much. :o) I'm just excited that I get a 3-day weekend, a 3-day work week and then another 3-day weekend. Go me! ha ha ha.

It's day 19 of the 21 Day challenge dear friends. Today's challenge is to wear somethign on your head. Now, Kayla told us it could be absolutely anything - even a flower clip! However, I wear ribbons, flowers and headbands on a very regular basis, but I have two hats that I just don't wear that often. I decided to bust out one of the hats and push my comfort zone a little bit. I have a hat I love that my mom gave me for Christmas that I don't wear very often, at all, BUT my hair wasn't going to cooperate with that hat. So instead, I went with this:
{hat: Target}
cute, huh?! I paired it with this new top and jeans:

{sweater shirt: JC Penney, tank: DownEast jeans w/belt: JC Penney}
I couldn't get the colors to come out right on my iPod touch w/instagram...but the sweater shirt is a really pretty cider orange kind of color. And my new jeans? Love them. They are so comfy! and I love a good dark wash jean. :o)

It's Labor Day weekend y'all. Officially the end of summer, or something like that. It's starting to feel like fall a little bit around here. The weather has definitely been cooler in the mornings and evenings, and I love it.  Here are just a few things that I'm doing this weekend:
  • Going to the gym and running tonight - meeting with my trainer tomorrow morning. I'll probably be dead by the end of it.
  • Watching a movie with friends and then going to a dance party tonight. I think.
  • Teaching choreography tomorrow morning.
  • Cleaning the church building tomorrow morning.
  • Watching my BYU Cougars. Oh how I am excited to see them on the field again. They make my heart happy.
  • Helping my roommate sort out kitchen stuff. It will be fun times, I'm certain of it. :P
  • Hopefully making some good headway on Sister B's wedding gift. I want to get it finished.
  • Teach my Relief Society lesson. Here's hoping it goes well....
  • Watching the CES Fireside. love.
  • an adventure of some sort on Monday - maybe the zoo?
Should be a busy weekend. I'm rather excited. Have a great weekend y'all!!


becoming teacher misty said...

I love your braids and hat! Very fun! And that sweater is the bomb! Have a great weekend!!