Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursdays Things

Hello dearest friends! It's Thursday - aka Fake Friday!!! I'm such fan! Tomorrow is looking to be a really good day and I'm excited for the next little bit. we go!

  • I'm going dancing tonight after rehearsal. Yes, I know this is crazy - but I can't go the next 3 Thursdays after that because of our show! (well...I might just be VERY late....but I probably won't go.)
  • I have a costume fitting today for AIDA. I'm SO EXCITED. :o) It will be fun times. 
  • Do you have your tickets to come and see me yet? You should get on that. You don't want to miss this show!
  • If you do have your tickets - be sure to tell me when you're coming! and come say hi after the show! I love talking to the audience!
  • I'm getting excited to teach again this fall. I always get burnt out by June...but then the end of August rolls around and I realize how much I miss my students. I'm excited to help them grow more!
  • I'm getting a massage tomorrow! I am VERY stoked about this. An hour of relaxation and someone else getting all my knots out? Yes please.
  • I also have a chiropractor appointment tomorrow. That should be fun times.
  • My schedule changed slightly on Saturday - I'll be able to run some errands now that I didn't think would get done before. Huzzah!
  • Some crazy drama went down in the past few days with Percy. It's not something I really want to go into great detail here - but I will say that it was all because of this very blog. Someone close to him shared things that I wrote here - that weren't complete thoughts. I do write anonymously (even if some of you know me in real life) and my thoughts aren't intended for open interpretation as a sure thing of my feelings. I write many things in the moment and it greatly depends on my mood on how my thoughts get worded.   The whole situation has made me a little frustrated, especially since I wasn't ready to share some of those things with him yet - and I would have in good time. I'm not some crazy chick that plays games with boys. I'm just not that girl. ANYWAYS. I'm not sure what's going to happen now. I think the door might have closed with Percy and I just hate that it happened the way it did. 
  • I'm supposed to be getting my hairs did next week - I made the appointment 7 weeks ago....but that was before I was in AIDA. Now...I have dress rehearsal at the same time as my appointment. I rescheduled and I'll now get my hair done on August 24. Why am I telling you all of this? Because I want to change my hair without...changing it too much. So, I need your suggestions. Is it time for a new color? (I've been red with lots of blonde highlights for the past year or so) Should I get rid of the fringey bangs? I don't plan on cutting it length-wise...yet. I want to keep my hair long for a bit longer. so yeah...any suggestions on what I should do with my hair will be taken into great consideration. :o)
Have a GREAT Thursday guys and if I don't make it back here in the next day or two - have a great weekend as well! you all rock!!!


Anonymous said...

So when you talked about another guy being better looking and said "the only thing I really like about Percy is his personality," those weren't complete thoughts, and were taken out of context? That would have hurt me so much! I don't know either of you but when I read that (and at other times when I have read similar things) I sucked in my breath and thought, wowww, hope he never comes across that! Same with Grizzly Bear. You may make up silly names for people, but for those involved it's obvious who everyone is, and if your blog is open you run the risk of those mentioned running across it. It's immature and naive to think otherwise.

Anonymous said...

I disagree strongly with your first commenter. I don't think you're immature or naive. You are just having fun with life and use your blog to keep track of your daily thoughts. Right? That's why it's an anonymous blog.

I can tell that you're fun loving and have a heart of gold. I don't know you either but I know that we'd be friends in real life if I did.

The blog title, "all's fair in love and war" kind of sums up my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Look, crazy commenter number 1. If you don't know her, you have no room to make judgments about what she says on here. This is HER personal, anonymous blog. The fact of the matter is that this is like her diary. She chooses to be open and frank because that is how she is. But NO ONE has the right to assume that her thoughts on here are complete or hold the full weight of her thoughts and feelings. Go find something productive to do rather than criticize her and call her naive and immature when you have no freaking idea who she is. Go be oh-so-mature and experienced somewhere else and leave this fun blog alone. Seriously, shove off.
Number 2: You rock. You know exactly what this is all about. We should be friends.

Becky said...

Wow, so many mixed emotions. Let me just say to #1 that I think you misunderstand what my sweet friend here means by this blog. She would never post anything that would hurt anybody. She is a very honest person and says what she thinks. Her choosing to make this blog anonymous allows her to be more open with her feelings. Is she blunt? Yep, but that's her and I love her for it. Does she post every single thought in her head or feeling in her heart? Nope, and nor should anybody expect full dislcosure on an anonymous blog. As a side note, I know a couple that are very much in love and the woman was not attracted to her husband physically in the least before they got serious. Does he know this? Yes. Does it bother him? Nope. Just a thought.
Commentor number 2, I like what you said. There is a reason the title of this blog is what it is. We fight the fight and play the game and get all roughed up and bruised by the end. Why not try to make an adventure out of it?
Commentor number 3: While I applaud your staunch defense of my friend here, I don't think you need to attack #1 so harshly. She is entitled to her opinion, as are you. Let's all be friends here on this delightful blog of my friend.
To my darling girl: You can make it. I love you. You know that. =)

Stacylyn said...

Wow!! Along with Becky, I'm also a close friend of Alishka. I see her EVERYDAY. I've heard EVERY dating story from the beginning of these relationships. Those who know the complete story understand ALiska's blog posts. Her stories and thoughts are incomplete and can come across differently than how she told me verbally and what she really meant. She has a lot of men in her life, and as she's been sorting our her feelings she naturally compares each one. I agree, her comments about Percy's looks sounded harsh, but again it came out differently. Everyone is naturally attracted to certain characteristics: blonde, tall, curly hair, or dark skin. She didn't mean he was unattractive, he was just different than the usual boys she dated. She's been excited to date him and repeatedly has told me how she's impressed with him and how much she likes being with him. In the end it doesn't really matter, because those who know the WHOLE and COMPLETE story love her and understand. Love you Alishka Babushka!

Matt and Amber said...

I'm not going to get in comment wars, but Alishka, I love you girl! I hope things work out and you and Percy can still be friends if nothing else. ♥

Oh, and I'm totally going to try to make it to Aida. I'll let you know ;)

Jen said...

You know Alishka, I sure understand your situation. Once upon a time, several years ago, I used to write for the 100 Hour Board. I had a public blog associated with my 'nym on there, and I used to write anonymously about boys, roommates, and all sorts of things going on in my real life. (Actually, as I looked through old comments I realize that you yourself commented on it! That was about 2 years before you & I ever met! How funny!)

Through that blog I learned a hard lesson - I needed to be REALLY careful in writing things about other people. Feelings can get hurt so easily. Some things I wrote back then caused unnecessary drama in my real life as people read it, even anonymously, and recognized the situations. Not wanting to create more drama, I abandoned the blog entirely & haven't written on it in about 5 years. I love reading your blog, and so I hope you don't abandon it like I did mine! My new rule of thumb is that when I mention other people in my current blog, to only write things I'd be comfortable showing to that person I've written about. Food for thought... Hope all the drama works itself out for you. Love you girl! We're gonna come see your play on Tues. Aug. 9. :)