Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Tender Mercy Tuesdsay - 28th Edition

Hi there. It's been a long weekend. Full of fun in the sun, fun with friends, fun with family, and fun with boys. I promise to give you a full recap later - I'm sure you want to hear about all the fun fun fun fun I had...in the meantime I want to take a moment and be thankful for how well my Heavenly Father knows me.

See...even with all the fun I had this weekend I struggled with a few things emotionally. Mainly related to past relationships and where things could have been if we were still together. I don't really want to go in to a lot of detail because it's not needed. I've worked through the emotional angst and I know that I'll be okay, but that doesn't mean that this weekend wasn't hard. One of the harder ones I've had to be honest.

However, Heavenly Father knows me SO WELL that he made sure I had friends who made plans with me, family who called ME and asked me to spend the holiday with THEM and basically HE made sure that I had a well of support around me through all my hard moments. It made getting through my thoughts and emotions that much easier because I had people I could talk to who understood where I was coming from right then.  How grateful I am for that tender mercy.