Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursdsay Things - EXCITING edition!

YOU GUYS!!! HARRY POTTER is THIS WEEKEND!!! I am so excited about this I can't contain it!!! But first...there are other things that are happening. Let's do this in order shall we?
  • first off, rehearsal for me got changed and I don't have to go tonight!! WAHOO!
  • Because of this, I'm headed to Blue Tango for the ENTIRE evening of AWESOMENESS!! I LOVE dancing! YAY!
  • AFTER that I'm going to go home and sleep for 2 hours and then...
  • My roommate, her boyfriend, Grizzly Bear and I are all going to go see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 at 3:15 am!!! I might be crazy, but I don't care!!!
  • Tomorrow morning I'm going to sleeeeep in. Because I can. Tomorrow is my day off. :o)
  • I'm very excited for the next 24 hours. It's going to be a whirlwind of FUN TIMES!!!
  • Saturday night I'm going to Roommate LZ's wedding reception with Percy and we'll go do something else after. Not sure what yet, but something all the same. 
  • I am dating two boys right now - Percy and Grizzly Bear. I've never been in this situation before and it's kind of fun, kind of crazy, and very....interesting. I have TWO men courting me and vying for my attention. It definitely makes life a little bit easier to play hard to get. ;) ha ha ha.
  • PS I didn't mention this earlier but Percy randomly stopped by on Monday evening. We got Sonic drinks and hung out. It was a BLAST and I loved his spontaneity. 
  • Grizzly Bear has been a little more attentive this week...but I still feel that he's very hot and cold and many times I feel like a booty call with him. The Mormon version of course. ;)
  • We open AIDA in 3 weeks from today folks. THREE WEEKS. It's insanity I say, insanity.
  • what else should I tell you...
  • oh yeah, I am in LOVE with life. 
That's all Folks!


Stacylyn said...

It must be so tragically hard balancing all the men in your life. :)

Anonymous said...

ok girl, You will find me at the reception and have me meet this Percy boy.