Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Senses of Summer

I am having THE BEST summer so far! I seriously am loving everything that has been going on. I'm a huge fan.Anyways, I thought I would share some of my favorite things this summer through the five senses. Enjoy!

Sight: I think my favorite things to look at right now is this: 

I feel so LEGIT with this awesome little piece of plastic covered paper. My friend who is also in AIDA with me wrote up a post about all the awesome things going on with our musical. The SCERA is a legit theater to work with and I am SO GLAD that I took the risk to audition and that they directors liked me enough to cast me in the Ensemble. If you haven't gotten your tickets yet, get on that. 

Smell:  I love the smells of summer. Fresh cut grass, sunscreen, the occasional rain name it I love it. One of my current favorite smells is the humid heat. Utah doesn't usually get too humid, but we've had a tiny bit of humidity the past week or so and I really enjoy smelling the outside.  Basically I think summer has some of the best smells. (minus, of course, the smell of Autumn. I love the smell of Autumn.)

Touch: One of my favorite things has always been running through the grass barefoot. It just feels so AWESOME! I also am enjoying warm pavement. As long as it isn't too hot, I also really enjoy walking on warm pavement.

Taste: I LOVE a good BBQ. Also, s'mores. I don't consider it a successful summer unless I get to eat at least one s'more. summer = s'mores in my opinion. Now I want a s'more....yummy....

Hear: I love to hear the birds singing in the mornings as I drive to work. Such a wonderful sound. Also, I love to hear the crickets at night. Something soothing about that sound. The other sound that I just LOVE is that of the boom of fireworks. It's such a thrilling sound!

What are some of your favorite senses of summer?


Stacylyn said...

I AGREE!!! With everything. I also love the sound of crickets and sprinklers.