Thursday, July 07, 2011

Thursday Things

  • First off, it's Thursday. I love Thursdays.
  • Yesterday I took a ballet class. I love taking class. I decided last night that I need to be more regular in taking classes - from anywhere really. I need to do my research and find classes that I can take with my schedule. Even it makes me extraordinarly busy.
  • I know I haven't posted about my weekend. The story is coming. I'll probably make it my Friday special or something. Sorry it has been so long in coming! I know you're waiting!
  • Blocking rehearsals are interesting. I loved watching our director and see the wheels turn in his brain as he decided who to have enter and where. Fascinating.
  • It reminds me of choreographing a dance. Only with this there are words and songs to take into account.
  • My sunburn is itching. sigh. (oh yeah...I got sunburned this weekend. You probably didn't know that because I haven't told you any stories. HA!)
  • I think I'm going dancing tonight even though I have to work tomorrow. Dancing makes me whole and I really like going there. So yeah...I'll probably be extra tired tomorrow. oh well.
  • I have no plans for my weekend currently. Minus rehearsals.
  • Rehearsals will take over my life starting Wednesday. EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Although, with the show opening 4 weeks from today I'll probably be happy we're rehearsing so much. I'm just glad I'm not a lead. I probably couldn't handle having to memorize so quickly.
  • There are times like today when I wish I didn't work so that I could watch the Harry Potter Live Premiere video streaming.
  • I can't believe Harry Potter is ending. So crazy!
  • I still have my free massage I won from work that I have to use by the end of August. I need to make that appointment pronto.
I think that's it for now folks....stay tuned for holiday weekend update. :o) hugs!