Monday, July 18, 2011

and then comes a flying wrench

You know how things are going well, or at least semi-well and you think you have life figured out and then WHAM! out of nowhere a wrench flies in to mess with your head, plans and life.

A flying wrench came yesterday by the name of Blindman2. You might remember him from WAY BACK when we went on a first date set up by Truit and her hubby.

Well, last night Truit and her hubby hosted a fondue dinner night. It was me, a mutual girlfriend of Truit and me and then Blindman2. Blindman2 had a really good excuse for not calling me...but there's still the fact that he didn't call me (that I'm not going to go into because it's long. it's valid though. completely valid). Anyways, we had a wonderful evening. he and I ended up next to each other all night. We ate good food, played Risk and 5 Crowns. We played footsies under the table - very flirty like and he kept my toes warm. We touched elbows, caught each other's eye and flirted verbally all night long. He walked me to my car at the end of the night and gave me a hug and promised to call this time. We'll see if he follows through or not.

Here's the thing - he's cuter than Percy when it comes to looks. He's taller, and nerdier. He's way more my "type" and fun to be with. Percy is fun too...don't get me wrong, but the only reason I find him attractive is becasue of his personality and how well we get a long. If I was looking at a book of pictures of Percy and Blindman2 I would definitely linger more on Blindman2 than I would Percy. sigh.

so what's a girl to do when she has  a group date this weekend and has tentative plans with Grizzly Bear that she doesn't want to happen? When said girl would love to see Percy again but would also really like to see the possibilities with Blindman2 but he's GOT to make the next move.

gah.  Stupid flying wrench.