Sunday, July 17, 2011


Hey there friends. I hope you had the most splendid of weekends. Mine was filled with loads of rehearsal, and a date with Percy.

I like going on dates, they are fun. However, they also manage to fill me with confusion on occasion. Percy and I went to my dear friend's wedding reception and then we went to Park City where we walked Main Street and poked our heads into the open galleries. It was great times and I really enjoyed our time together.

Last week I went out with Grizzly Bear. We went to Chile's to get yummy food and then watched a movie at his place. I've held strong and haven't let him kiss me again - but i do let him cuddle with me and hold my hand.

Here's my dilemma. I like Grizzly Bear - at least, I like how I feel when I'm with him, but I'm not sure I LIKE him. Ya know? I think it's more that he fills the physical affection void in my life. Whereas with Percy, I enjoy spending time with him. We always have the best time together, but we haven't crossed the psychical boundary yet. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a good thing....but there's still an uncertainty to if a relationship between us really will work.

Grizzly Bear made loose plans to go out with me this coming Saturday night. Here's the thing  - with rehearsals and stuff the only time  I can go on dates is Saturday nights. Part of me does want to go with Grizzly Bear because I want to continue to get to know him, but I don't really see us in a relationship.  Where on the other hand, I really want to go out with Percy because I see the possibility. Maybe I should just flip a coin???

I think I just answered my own confusion - but any of your thoughts are welcome. How do I let down Grizzly Bear gently and nicely? I've never really been in this position before......