Monday, July 25, 2011


let us all take a moment of silence to reflect on the death of my beloved.... dryer.

My lovely hair dryer has been a part of my hair styling tools since approximately 2003 (maybe even longer. I forget when he was purchased).

He was a little bit of home that came with me to college. My hair dryer got me through the best of haircuts, and the worst of haircuts. He worked hard and was ever so diligent for giving me the prettiest, flowy-est locks in all the land and yesterday he died.

I could tell something was wrong on Saturday afternoon as we worked together to get my hair all silky smooth and pretty for my date to Disney's Camp Rock at the SCERA Shell. He worked, but not like normal. Also, he was making funny sounds and the plug seemed to be getting a little too hot.  Last night, after my shower, I went to blow dry my bangs so they weren't all funky this morning and my dear friend the hair dryer just wouldn't turn on. He just....gave up the ghost.

This makes me really, really sad. I don't want to replace my hair dryer, but I know that it must be done.

Rest in peace my lovely hair dryer friend, I hope hair heaven is kind to you.

And until I get a new hair dryer, pardon my hair....i might look a little....crazy. ;)