Tuesday, August 05, 2008

trying to pass the time....

things i do to try and pass the time when work is long and excel is making my eyes go wack-o....

1. check my google reader. obsessively. come on people. blog more. please???

2. organize my drawer and throw away old pens.

3. look at my progress report and admire the fact that I only have 15.5 credits left until graduation

4. visit my coworker/roommate S next door.

5. play in photoshop. not always on work releated things...i deem it research so i know the program better.

6. daydream

7. doze off.

8. look at the clock again and see how much time has passed.

9. clean out my inbox - put labels on things, archive or delete, etc.

10. complain to swing kid that my day isn't going by fast enough and will he please speed time up for my sake?

11. eat chocolate covered cinnamon bears

12. write a note to coworker K that works in the mornings letting her know what went on in the afternoon....not much i'm afraid.

13. look at blackboard and try to decide if i should do any of my homework.

14. sing a long to the music playing on my computer...very, very, quietly.

15. do a paint-by-number puzzle. i love these. i really do.

then i sigh, close all windows except for the excel file and resign myself to wack-o eyes for the rest of the work day. :P


Kismet Keeper said...

I'm glad you liked it. =)

I like the new look of your blog! Also, now I have some new ideas for things to do when I'm bored.

~H (a.k.a. K)

Jacob said...

Are you subscribed to my blog in Google Reader? I hope I make it entertaining enough for you. But how come you never leave any comments?