Monday, August 04, 2008

Marvelous, simply marvelous

Have you ever had one of those Monday mornings where you feel absolutely marvelous and you just know that this week is going to be absolutely awesome?! Well my dear readers, that day is today!

I have made mention in the past how much I love Mondays. Today is just another testament to how much I love Mondays. I woke up to my lovely alarm knowing that today was going to be awesome. I showered, got read, and was out the door to get to my class on time. I even had time to have pancakes for breakfast!!! :-D

Class this morning was interesting and I feel really good about my Finance class. I like it. :) The rest of today's agenda includes studying for my midterm that I have this week, working on finance problems, going to work, enjoying my evening and reveling in the fact that the term is almost over!!

This week is going to fly by, I can just feel it. Hope all y'all's Mondays treat you just as well!