Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Favorite Monday, just a day late. :-)

Since I was on the road traveling from Washington to Utah on Monday, I missed the fun-filled Favorite Monday. However, I decided to post it a day late because I loved the subject so much!

So, the Favorite Monday subject is: guilty pleasure.

Oh. my. goodness. The first thing I thought of was Papa Funk, roommate to CPM and all the times we talked about guilty pleasures. :)

I have a few, but will only mention my top 3 like Tiburon. :)

1. Gilmore Girls. I love it. I really do, I enjoy coming home from a long day of everything and watching the reruns on tv. Sigh...too bad this show has ended. :(

2. Looking at wedding pictures on line. Sigh. Yes, I am probably one of the girliest girls you will ever meet. I love looking at different photographers' albums on-line. So much fun.

3. Finally, I am a sucker for Disney Princess Movies. :-) he he he. Love it.


Tiburon said...

Great list! Love that you have some guilty pleasures :)