Sunday, August 24, 2008


I have just said goodbye to my family until Christmas. Do you know how hard that is? It's ridiculously hard. i have cried so much in the past two days. My eyes hurt. My head hurts and my heart hurts. Last night as I said goodbye to Sister B, Brother C, and Sister D I cried my eyes out and so did they. It was so hard to say goodbye and know that I won't see them for 4ish months. Then I had to say goodbye to my dad. That was freaking hard. I just buried my head into his chest and cried and cried and cried. My daddy, my hero, my rock is off to Virginia to start a new job at James Madison University (from now on referred to as JMU). It was really hard to say goodbye to him, but as I was crying in his arms he said something that hit just right. He said, "At least it isn't for forever, and we know we have forever." As perfect of a thing it was to say, it still doesn't help with the fact that they are gone now.

Today I drove down to my house (although it's not really my house anymore) and picked up my mom and grandpa. They hung out at my apartment for awhile this afternoon and then we ate dinner together. Then we swung by SwingKid's house and picked him up and drove up to SLC where they are staying tonight before flying out tomorrow morning. It was hard saying goodbye to my mom. I held myself together for the most part, trying to be strong, and SwingKid shook their hands as they left and then pulled me into his arms and I lost it. I just cried in his arms as he held me. Then we left the hotel and went up to the Capitol building and walked around the Veteran's park that they have just West of the Capitol building. It was a beautiful evening and we both enjoyed the park and Summer evening air.

While all of this is super sad, I know that my family is forever and that they will always be there for me. They may not be just a 2o-minute drive anymore, BUT they are a phone call away and I can still hear their voices and talk to them about everything. This is the one thing that comforts me. I will be fine, I know it. Once I get going in my groove and get this semester going (it's looking like it could be the best one yet!) I'll be just groovy. Until then, I'll just let the tears fall.