Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Meme of sorts

Both Chilly and Katria did this lovely meme and I fell in love with it. So here is my Wednesday meme. :-)

Ten Things I Wish I Could Say to Ten Different People Right Now:
  1. I am going to miss you so much when you leave.
  2. Pretty much I just want to stay up until the wee hours talking to you, but that's pretty much impossible right now.
  3. Thank you for everything you do for me, you rock my world.
  4. I wish we hadn't lost our friendship in 7th grade, we have it back now but it's never been the same.
  5. Thank you for teaching me everything I needed to know about [subject x], I really enjoyed your class.
  6. We have so much fun together, why don't we hang out more?
  7. You are growing up so fast and I have so many things to tell you so you won't make the same mistakes I did, but I'm not sure how to tell you.
  8. For your future roommates' your dishes!
  9. I am glad I met you.
  10. I love you.

Nine Things About Myself:

  1. I hate doing dishes but I love a clean kitchen.
  2. I love cooking for others.
  3. I have recently enjoyed having painted toes. :)
  4. I love smell-good sprays and lotions.
  5. I have a thing about looking good for myself when I know it's going to be a tough day.
  6. I wish I could sing really well.
  7. At one point I wanted to go to Julliard and then my dream changed when I was 15, and now I'm living my dream.
  8. I love Disney music and enjoy singing along on iTunes.
  9. I can't wait for the new season of Heroes and The Office to start. :-)

Eight Ways To Win My Heart:

  1. Kiss me on my forehead.
  2. Laugh with me.
  3. Call me just to say hi.
  4. Hold my hand.
  5. Compliment me, but sincerely.
  6. Tell me I smell good, I love this, but only do it if you mean it.
  7. Surprise me with flowers every once in a while. Not often, but once in a blue moon would
  8. Talk with me. Ask me questions and really listen to what I have to say. I love a good conversation.

Seven Things That Cross My Mind a Lot:

  1. Man alive, I'm hungry.
  2. Wait, what?
  3. YAY!!!
  4. That would make a good blog post...
  5. I want ice cream.
  6. I really want to see that.
  7. That's amazing.

Six Things I Do Before I Fall Asleep:

  1. Read my scriptures.
  2. Write in my journal.
  3. Make sure the door is locked.
  4. Take out my contacts.
  5. Brush my teeth.
  6. Say my prayers.

Five People Who Mean a Lot:
Only five? Really? It goes without saying that this list is not all-inclusive, right?

  1. My Family
  2. SwingKid
  3. Roommate A
  4. My Hero
  5. All of my ballet girls

Four Things You’re Wearing Right Now:

  1. Khaki capris
  2. Black DownEast shirt
  3. CTR ring
  4. black flip flops

Three Songs That You Listen to Often (Currently):

  1. "Everything" by Michael Bublé
  2. "Pocketful of Sunshine" Natasha Bedingfield
  3. "Don't Stop the Music" Rihanna

Two Things You Want to Do Before You Die:

  1. Use my passport.
  2. Go to a musical on Broadway.

One Confession:

  1. I really like to eat cake and or ice cream for breakfast. It's a really bad habit of mine, but one that I so enjoy.