Friday, August 15, 2008


for posterity's sake I need to record what happened last night.

check-out day always cause a lot of stress for co-eds in cougar town. Many times students have to move out of apartment x and be homeless for approximately 2 weeks until they can move into their new apartment. That day is today. In one hour my roommates have to leave and I will be living all by my lonesome for 2 weeks. (luckily for me I have SwingKid to keep me from getting too lonely.... he he he) Well....last night the realization that people had to move out today hit home for two of my roommates. We decided to enjoy a few last moments together by going to IHOP and from there cleaning out the many cupboards of years of dishes from people we don't know, the food that we have no idea how long it's been in the fridge and the dust bunnies from corners that we didn't even know existed until 1:30 in the morning.

My favorite part last night was us carrying huge trash bags of crap out to the garbage can. It was literally 2 in the morning. We were all a little giddy from having not gone to bed and high cleaning products. It was quite the scene let me tell you. Add to that the awesome music we were listening to and it was quite the sight let me assure you.

and I have to work 6+ hours today. ick. :P let's pray I don't die shall we?

Also, last night sounds a lot cooler in my head then it does in words in this post. oh well. so let be done, so let it be written. :)


Vicky said...

I remember listening to your awesome cleaning music back in the day. Good times! I'm glad you and your roommates had a good time at your cleaning party, even if it doesn't sound that great when you write it down. I'm sure you made it a blast.