Wednesday, August 13, 2008

one down, one to go

i took a final today. it went well. now i just have to take my other final. for the class i hate. that i can't study for or else i get frustrated and cry. what's a girl to do?

in other news...all of my roommates are leaving me. i will be the lone person in my lovely 6-person apartment for 2 weeks. let's hope i don't go crazy.

ALSO...i look adorable today. just in case you were wondering. ;) much love!


jacob said...

I always have my apartment all to myself. It is a little spooky sometimes to not have anyone around, but it doesn't drive me completely crazy... most of the time.... we think.

And how did you know? I was in fact wondering this morning if you look adorable today or not. (I was willing to bet on 'adorable').