Wednesday, August 06, 2008

the office

even though time goes by slowly at times at work, i still love my job. there are so many reasons why...but one of the reasons is because every single professor at my job is hilarious. Being linguists and studiers of the English language they always say the best things. the following are some of my favorite quotes of the things overheard at work.

1. "I was passing by her office and I read the note wrong about D's car dying. I thought it said that D had died! I felt so upset! And I wondered why anyone would announce something that serious on just a little post-it note!" - Dr. B

2. "Do you know what that student called about? He wanted to know what language in the whole world was the easiest to learn. i told him Afrikaans." - Dr. E

3. "I rejoice in your genesis." - Dr. H

4. "Understand, these are fake committees. These are quantum committees." Dr. M to Dr. E

5. "I'm going to inflate these numbers because our program is growing." -P

6. "Australian and intelligence don't usually go together." - Dr. E^2

7. "You're either dressed up for a funeral or your own execution." - Dr. S

sigh. professors are so silly.


Wiwi Kalawi said...

Oh Alicia, these cracked me up! And it makes it even funnier to know some of those people...

Vicky said...

I'd hate to be the poor student starting Afrikaans 101 this fall!

Parkers said...

Oh, I can just guess who these professors are! I love everyone of them! Linguists are the best :)

amy parker