Monday, July 21, 2008


so....the BYU testing center rewards people for doing well on their tests by popping up little messages on the screen next to high scores (like 90 and above or something like that). These little messages range from Good Job to Perfect Score! Depending on what you got on the test. Well today, I made a little visit to the testing center to take my Marketing test. This Marketing class has not been my favorite class this term. I ordered the book online about 2 weeks before the start of term, and it never came. So, I put in a complaint to and they refunded me my money. (YAY!!!) Then I realized that the midterms are all open book/notes and that having a textbook might be a good idea. So I found a book on the Book Exchange for $25. It's the 11th edition, and I needed the 12th, but I figured it would work well for my purposes. I read (more like skimmed) the first 9 chapters for the midterm and went into the testing center today (not having been to class in a week) hoping for something between a B and a C.

Imagine my surprise when I walked out of the testing center, looked at the screen and saw my student number followed by a 100% and Perfect Score! I was shocked. I laughed. I double checked my number 3 times, and even pulled out my student ID card to make sure I really did have the correct 5 digits. I was SUPER shocked. Some kid came in as I was looking at it, and said, "Wow, perfect score!" and I was like "yeah, never happened to me before, I can't believe it" He was impressed with me. I felt really good about myself. I still do in fact! I have never gotten a little message from the testing center, so the fact that I did with a class that I hate makes me so ecstatic. It's amazing. What a way to start a Monday eh?!? Hope all y'all have a good day. :-)


jacob said...

Amazing! Good Job!