Thursday, July 17, 2008


okay. So I'm going to start with Anon's question, because they were the first. Also, if you have a burning question please ask! not very many of you have asked anything...but I guess that's because you know everything all ready! ;) However, if there is a question you want answered feel free to ask it here, and I'll get to it.

So, anon asked "how does swing kid compare with the other male species that you have kissed?"

Well dear anon, this is a fun question. In my experience of kissing the male species I have found that each person seems to better than the last. This is definitely true for my first kiss, to my second-first kiss. Maybe it's because I have gotten better myself? Who knows....

What I do know is that swing kid is definitely in the top 3 people I have kissed. I want reveal the order of the top 3, but he is up there. He's an amazing person and I have found that we can talk about just about anything and everything, which makes life very pleasant.

I hope that answers your question Anon...any others y'all might have?? (Wiwi Kalawi, I promise to get to your question...I'm working on it!!)