Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today, I have many things to be grateful for. Also, I have an awesome story to tell...but it will have to wait for another day. So for is what I am grateful for:

1. My Parents. They are awesome. They do so much for me and pretty much rock my world.

2. My new-ish car. It is great knowing when I need to go somewhere or have things I want to do (every day until Sunday) I can do it without having to bum a ride off of someone. AWESOME!!!

3. The opportunity to teach again. I got a phone call yesterday telling me I am definitely needed/wanted next year as a teacher. I am SO excited to be teaching again! Yay!!

4. Sunshine. I love it.

5. My roommates. They are freakin' incredible.

6. Chocolate chips.

7. So You Think You Can Dance. It's going to be an amazing season.

8. My awesome job where we have contests to see who can drink the most water at work. Today, I'm losing. Yesterday, I won. :)

9. Flowers that smell good.

10. Bath and Body Works' sale, so that I could have my favorite scents to wear again!


Barry said...

Hey! Fancy seeing you driving today!