Monday, June 09, 2008

i'm sorry

I've neglected to post that I have purchased a car. Yes, I finally found something that makes my heart sing. It is an adorable silver 1986 Honda Accord. This cute car is the same age as me with only 153,000 or so miles on it, I'm hopeful it will run for a while yet. I keep waiting to post so that I can post with pictures, but I forgot to take pictures when it was light outside, so my car will have to wait for it's unveiling on another day. :)

Also, i'm taking name suggestions. It must be a manly name. Currently the names that have been suggested are Petey, Skipper, and Ralph. I will accept a few more, use my veto rights, and then conduct a poll. So please help me decide! All manly names are welcome. :) Thank y'all!!!


Bill said...

I can't make any suggestions until I see him!

Tiburon said...

Congrats on the car. How about Seymour?

Bill said...

Still waitin' for pictures! I can't help name him unless I've seen him!