Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's a Small World

If you have lived in Cougartown for any amount of time longer than 2 years, you know that this place gets really small, really quick. Take tonight for example. I went swing dancing on campus (because it's free and so much fun!) and I'm sitting in a chair as a song begins to play and this kid in a red shirt (who will be known as Swing Kid) comes up to me and says ,"Alishka right? Want to dance?" I said sure, but had no idea who this kid was!! It was slightly discomforting that he knew my name, but not horrible. We got to dancing and he asked how I'd been, and I was all, "I'm sorry, i don't remember your name, and how do I know you?" Well....we couldn't figure it out at first and chalked it up to being some dance class or ward or something long ago. Except, I knew that wasn't it! So later he sat down next to me on the floor and we got to talking. He mentioned that he was a designer, and I asked him where he worked on campus. He mentioned my former place of work, and I was like, that's it!! The incredible thing is that Swing Kid said he doesn't do the best with names, but becuase I sent him emails all the time for work and stuff, he remembered me. It was SO funny. He was a really good dancer too. It was so much fun! :) dancer boy and friends were going to come, but they didn't and it's their own loss. I had a blast dancing and will definitely make it a weekly event. There weren't many dances that I sat out tonight, but it was mostly because I was tired and stuff. :)

Anywho...tonight was definitely a blast and a half! So if you ever find yourself bored on a Saturday night. Go swing dancing on campus! And if you don't know where, shoot me an email and I will tell you!! Ciao!