Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yes, it works!!!

So Coworker K gave me a book a little while ago as I was dealing with drama in my life from ST and such. It's entitled Dating Without Drama by Paige Parker. Now, I know it looks like a hoax. I mean really?! We can have no drama??? It's true girls...a relationship can be non-dramafied. And let me tell you...it is AWESOME.

Example from my life:

The book mentions to not contact the guy first, let him contact you, ask you out first, ask for the second date, etc.

Well....with ST...I tried to do this, but I couldn't handle it! I gave in! And guess what? things are just AWFUL with him. And just like Paige says, he has all the power in the relationship, and not in a good way. He knows he can walk all over me and I'll still want him in my life.

So then we have dancer boy...who I waited to call me (which he did, today) and he and I are going out on Thursday. oh, and he asked if he could see me before then. So he came over. which was awesome. I feel so much better about my relationship with dancer boy right now compared to ST. I feel like ST knows he doesn't have to try to have a relationship with me while dancer boy does. I want both of them to have to "court me" per se and they can't do that if I keep making contact them with all the time. Right now I have a lot more faith that a relationship with dancer boy is possible compared to ST. We shall see what will happen. In any case, I am much excited that not only did dancer boy get my number but he's used it!!! TWICE!!! :) He rocks.

Anyways...Dating Without Drama...it works. So WORTH it!! I encourage everyone to read it. It is awesome.


Tiburon said...

Do you think it is too late (after 10 years of marriage) to try this with my hubby? I kid.

Good for you and dancer boy!

Vicky said...

I completely agree with that advice! I think that men sometimes lack confidence at the onset of a relationship, so letting them ask you out and hear you say 'yes' gives them some confidence and makes them feel empowered in a way. If you take that away from them by being the pursuer, they sometimes become reluctant to make another move. I'm not an expert, but my husband agrees and it worked well for us to do it that way. Good luck!