Thursday, May 08, 2008

Mystery Men

Mystery Man #1

My coworker K had this brilliant idea one day and decided she wanted to set me up with this boy. Let's call him President Lincoln okay? So she gives me the name of President Lincoln and tells me to look him up on facebook and tell her what i think. So I take a few minutes and look up President Lincoln. I was shocked. He seemed really cool, a lover of life (sort of like yours truly), and was really cute too! I left a message for coworker K that I would be totally chill with a blind date. This was last Friday. On Monday (Cinco de Mayo) an apartment in my complex was having a party. Well, President Lincoln was planning on attending this party, as was coworker K. So coworker K came to my apartment and then introduced me to President Lincoln. We hit it off really well and I thought he was a pretty cool person. As coworker K left the party I told her that I would really like a date with President Lincoln. I found out today that she has given him my number. This makes me really excited!! I really hope he takes the opportunity to use my number and ask me out on a date. He seems awesome and someone that I could really click with. :-)

Mystery Man #2

On Wednesday, Roommate A and I went to the Runner's Corner to get new running shoes for me. It was quite the experience with me running in the store and trying on 5 pairs of shoes until I settled into a pair that I love. These are my very expensive, yet absolutely wonderful shoes.

Well...the wonderful young man who was helping me out took me up to the cash register to ring up my new purchase and he was pretty flirtatious and was making conversation. Not just small talk like you normally have, but real life conversation about how I got into dancing, running, what I want to do with my life, etc (well, everything that could fit in about 7 minutes anyways...).
He was pretty cute, sweet, and seemed like a really cute guy. My roommate claims he was flirting with me. I thought he was, and I was flirting back. However, names weren't exchanged, nor were numbers. I know nothing about this cute boy. Sigh. The only way he knows my name is by looking at the debit card transaction receipt, and that would be creepy if he contacted me because of a receipt.

So really, between my two mystery men, #1 is the only one that has potential to no longer be a mystery. I'll keep you updated. And now, I really should do something to get ready for bed. However, I am avoiding my bed right now. I don't know why, so don't ask. Also, stay tuned for an awesome post. It's coming.....