Wednesday, May 14, 2008


why do i fall for stupid guys? seriously? jerkface? remember him? and how i watched a movie with him this past weekend? yeah...we've talked online and texted, but there's no promise of another date, hanging out, or ANYTHING of the sort. and this is after i gave in and cuddled with him again this past weekend. why am i so stupid? i can tell you why. it's because i am a girl. Girls like to feel loved, and to be held and all that jazz. so of course i give in....because i'm a girl. Sometimes i hate being a girl.

any suggestions on how to get over this?


Katria said...

You and I, we need to take lessons in saying "no."

Wiwi Kalawi said...

Umm...sounds like you need some ice cream or something...or at least a crazy fun time to be happy!

Tiburon said...

I know people who know people. You give me a name and I will make it happen.

Sorry :( I also suggest large amounts of ice cream. Or kickboxing. Punching stuff always makes me feel better!