Sunday, May 25, 2008


I forgot to mention some of my adventures from the Spring Dance on Friday. First off, I went with my good friend CPM. No offense to CPM, but he's no dancer. In fact, I was quite taken a back that he actually wanted to go! However, we went and it was a blast! I ended up seeing many people that I knew. (I was shocked by this, CPM wasn't.) However, that's not the point to this post.

Backing up to the beginning of when CPM and I got there. There were not many people there (even though it was a bit after 9 pm). The first people that caught my eye were two guys that were waltzing (a slow song was playing) themselves! They were obviously making fun of themselves...but in my moment of braveness for the evening I ran up to the one and put my hand in his (totally catching him off guard) and told him he couldn't dance by himself. We finished out the song...and became friends! I introduced Kyle, my new friend (his 'nym for the moment shall be dancer boy) introduced me to his friend. We danced some more as a group, he and I had another slow song dance, and then he had to leave. However, before he left he got my number.

When I got home from church I had a text message from dancer boy. It was inviting me to his house for Disney movie night. I love disney movies. a lot. So I texted him back ... here's our conversation:

dancer boy: Disney movie night at my house. Everyone invited. Call for directions
me: What Disney movie? I love Disney movies
dancer boy: We haven't decided yet but you can totally come! :)
me: Rock on. Where do you live?
dancer boy: (his address) I would love to have you. You're welcome to bring friends if you're more comfortable.
me: Right on. I am so there. I think some of my roommates are going to come too.
dancer boy: great. see you then!

Isn't that AWESOME???!?!?!?!?!!

So....Roommate A and I drove up to his house (he lives with his parents) and went to "movie night" with a whole bunch of his friends. lol. The nice thing is that dancer boy sat next to me during the movie, and according to Roommate A he kept sneaking glances at me and watching my reaction during the movie. Now, I didn't see a thing of this...but...she said he was very cute and tasteful about it. After the movie ended (we watched Cars, which I had never seen) we talked forever...and he only talked to me. He didn't go and talk to others, in fact he didn't even seem to care about anyone else in the room. That was a nice feeling. As we left, he lingered until I left (I was the last one out) and then I gave him a hug, thanked him for inviting me and told him to "have a fantabulous Memorial day." He responded that he would and that we would be "in touch." It was so cute!!! I held back the urge to want to text him right after we left...and it's a good thing too! He texted me a little while ago thanking me for coming and that he had fun. I replied in much the same manner. So....I have a new interest and I love it. Now we'll wait and see if he asks me out... and I'm off to bed. :-)


Vicky said...

That story gives me warm happy feelings! I hope some good things happen!