Saturday, May 24, 2008

Time On Your Side

I have a new song that I love. It is called Time On Your Side by Emily Jane White.

The last verse I like the best, mostly because it describes me in a nutshell. This is what the last verse says:

She’s a dancer
and when she dances she is free
and free in the moment
and clouds rise in the east
to Frank Sinatra which your parents put on repeat
on repeat

I really like that.

I consider myself a dancer. Friday night I went dancing on campus (Spring Dance - not like social dancing or anything). I had a blast and really enjoyed letting myself loose. Last night I went swing dancing on campus (which was so much fun!). I don't have much experience swing dancing, so attending the free lesson for the first hour and a half was a good thing. I was able to pick up on the steps pretty quickly and felt really good to be out dancing. The fun thing is one kid (James?) asked me to dance and while we were dancing he asked if I was a "ballroom-er" because I danced like one. I thanked him for the compliment but said that I was actually a ballerina. He said that made sense. The other fun thing is that while dancing with Scott #3, (there are 3 in my life currently. I have to keep them straight somehow) he said that he was pretty sure I could get good pretty fast. All this because I am a dancer. I get really happy when people recognize that I am a dancer. It makes me think of all those years of dancing and how it has all paid off because people can tell.

I love dancing. This swing dance (part of swing club) that I went to last night is definitely something I am going to try and participate in every Saturday night. It was a lot of fun, and I learned fun things! Also, the guys actually asked girls to dance...which was awesome. I love it.