Thursday, June 08, 2006


i wrote this yesterday, and then blogger went on the blitz, so here's yesterday's post, and then i'll post later today what happened after i wrote this. until then, enjoy my yesterday's thoughts. ;)

So 3 things, and then I have to get back to work.

1) I love doing cartwheels. I know weird, but in the place where I work, the hallways are just perfect for doing cartwheels, or any form of dancing for that matter. And I love it. I always check the hall and make sure no one will see me and then I’ll either do a cartwheel, or a leap, or something. It’s the dancer in me, I can’t help it okay? J

2) work has been awesome, in fact today I got to do 2 awesome things that I hardly ever do, so when I do them, I get really excited. The first one was I got to revamp our board in the hall that has all the faculty pictures on it. That was fun and took up a better part of the morning. The second thing I got to do was fix the printer by replacing the cartridge. Which is just fun. :D

3) I am going dancing tonight, and let me tell you I am stoked. I love dancing, especially with certain friends, and tonight should prove to be no exception. Also, I got asked to go on a date on Friday, with a friend that used to live in the ward. He’s cool and all, but not my crush. ;) At least I have plans, that’s new. :D

So yeah, life is really grand right now. I know what would make it even more grandioso, but if I told you, my wish might not come true. Enjoy your day