Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hansel and Gretel

alrighty...some of you might be wondering how my production of Hansel and Gretel went...well to say the least, it was AWESOME! now to give some details:

Show 1: S* Cast

This was the show where I played Hansel. It went SO well!!! Not any glitches, oh, and all of my family and friends said that I made a very good boy. I even had someone who thought I was a boy without knowing who i was! YES! I feel very accomplished and that my goals were acheived when performing

Show 2: O* Cast
Boring. pretty much. all i was was an Angel and a Licorice Stick. Both fun parts, nothing out of the ordinary happened, it felt good to get this show done with.

Show 3: L* Cast
ha ha ha. that's how i describe this show. I totally lost it right before, and during Angels...like I was laughing hysterically. oops. but it was fun. he he he. oh, and Punkzoid came (ha ha, punkzoid is my ex-bf's best friend...) and he brought me purple daisies. cute.

anyways...all in all the shows went well...many friends, family, and roommates + boyfriends came. Much enjoyable. and now...i have a week off of just working and playing before summer term starts. huzzah.