Tuesday, June 20, 2006

12 signs of falling in love

12. You'll read his/her emails over and over again... if he sent me emails, i would do this...as it is i think of him enough.

11. You'll walk really slow while you're with him/her... or really fast since he's about 6 inches taller than me and has long legs, let it suffice to say that i keep up with him whatever speed he walks...pathetic i know.

10. You'll feel shy whenever you're with him/her... not really...although in some situations yes. yes i do.

9. While thinking about him/her...your heart will beat faster yeah. its true...

8. By listening to his/her voice...you'll smile for no apparent reason. yuppers.

7. While looking at him/her..you cant see the other people around you...you can only see that person... oh so true

6. You'll start listening to SLOW songs. um...i listen to slow songs anyways...but some slow songs make me think of him. does that count?

5. He/She becomes all you think about. well..its not ALL i think about...but he's my focus a lot of the times its true.

4. You'll get high just by their smell... i love it when guys smell good.

3. You'll realize that you're always smiling to yourself when you think about them.. *grins* oh yeah.

2. You'll do anything for him/her... its true. i'd do just about anything for him...except for maybe evil things.

1. While reading this, there was one person on your mind the whole time. heck yes. you got me. so i think about him, what's your problem? he's cute gosh dang it!!